Readings and opinions on the poems of the poet Mahmoud Al-Ayat

Perhaps I found great encouragement from the owners of cultural forums
and a lot of praise

These forums added to the net the spirit of the modern era
although I do not like praise
but this encouragement in my life
was immortalized in the pages of the net
to express what happened
in my literary life
of interest and encouragement
and these comments from the owners of the forums
and the text is as follows...
It seems that excellence in talent leads to ingenuity in combining contradictions in the profession, thought and feeling!!
And the talent of our poet has given him the rare ingenuity in combining the profession of surgery as a doctor and the profession of writing poetry and recording feelings.
Both interests come together in describing genius and differ in the size and delicacy of feelings.
From the heart, the most beautiful fragrant greetings to you and your flexible brush that is accustomed to introducing your great talent.
May God have mercy on the poet Dr. Ibrahim Naji, who also combined the scalpel and feeling. The most beautiful thanks and appreciation
As I read this analysis
I don't know if it is from a critic

skilled or an amateur
But I liked it
Perhaps the signature was morning

or nectar
It is as follows
I don't know where to start
And where to end
The poet's literary formation
Especially from the aspect of
His creative ability
First looking at
What is before the text
From initial planning
And drafts
And notes
And backgrounds of the topics
Direct in the treatment
And after the appearance
Relaxation of belief
And its reflection on the text
Familiarity with all that
Past poets
That miraculous familiarity
Above the ordinary mind
Stages of the development of his writings
Leadership in the capable treatment
Of all types of poetry
And all the activations
And meters and prose poetry
Perhaps a formation
Prose and activation poetry
And classical and colloquial poetry
Unknown poems
For many
People for an obscure poet
And a famous name
Many readers
Despite his hobby
And lack of Empty

A strange contradiction

And clear praise

And a connection with the artist

And encouragement and clear interest


In different languages

His leadership and globality

In not imitating

But rather taking from him simplification

And the miraculous poetic approach

That makes you respect him

And skip the stage of criticism


And reach with him a quick concept

For the text

If you do not support it sometimes

Whenever you are about

To close the page

The other corner

Of the verses of the poem appears

With a wonderful taste

It is like

A gold mine

I believe that the workshops of this

Poet will be important like the rest of the creators

And his unique students will appear

After imitating the craft

And professionalism in it

A complex type of management

Literary talent

Wearing simplicity and ordinary

Like all people

Agreement with people

Satisfaction with

The contradictions of the soul

Between blame and reassurance

And the ability to obey

And overlook the rebellion

Which characterizes most


With absolute creativity

Unlike Normal
And enjoyable and wise
Between the soul and the soul
He did it and the words
Race to reach us
To settle on
Our stations and refuse
To settle
With all the splendor
Distinctive made for us skillfully
And his goal from it
Was clear as the sun
And wisdom is evident between its folds
Tagore's humility
And Shakespeare's sentences
And the flexibility of Imru' al-Qais
And Hafez Ibrahim's approach
And the eloquence of Ahmed Shawqi
And the wisdom of al-Mutanabbi
A perfect imitation
A genius imitation
For the geniuses and giants of poetry
No one knows the poet
And he will go on and no one realizes
His philosophy is the philosophy of al-Ayyat
Which represents the right
In the choices
The importance of the East and the East
The importance of the Muslim
Pride in the ideal
Belief in the right
And discovering the secrets
of life and knowledge
The taste of ancient traditions
Without leaving the skin
His poems are characterized by fluency
And sweetness and innocence and longing
For enjoyment
And gold Values
and sobriety and expression
wonderful is his beautiful choice
sweet style
and love that touched the imagination
and a dying passion
in the arms of madness
it is the love that when
we approach it, the pen speeds up
and writes and writes
without the writer feeling
so that beautiful dreams appear to us mixed
with the gasps of reality
playing on the strings of a beautiful dream
and describing you in the one you love
something unique
love with the innocence of children
no restrictions or limits
flying and being
imposing itself and engraving
with blood on the hearts of lovers
a unique melody
in a time
scattered before our eyes
its radiant heroine
letters drawn with alphabets
wonderful and coordinated
sat on the banks
of a flowing, flowing river
illuminated creativity with excerpts
of a chaste love
and described everything
with bright pictures
and clear sounds
as if it were a movie
or anything other than writing
high capabilities
and the simplicity of an ordinary citizen
that he sees
the night always waiting for the day
but evenings Happy
The night is a wonderful thing
He feels and senses
The sea always
Expresses who is in it
And so is the shore
And he loves the desert and the crops
And he pampers them a lot
And he has a connection to the desert
For his love for the poets of the desert
And it is the place where poetry appeared
And he describes the current civilization and progress
And he often connects them with the Bedouins
And their lives
And he loves village life
And connects it to work
And his personal life
And he loves the Nile River
And he specializes in praising
Egypt and the Egyptians
And he has a connection to some cities
And countries to the point of love
He praises leaders and politicians
And he has political poetry
But he is not political
He loves birds
His letters dance
With the chirping of birds
And he deals with the life of the forest
And animals
A lot
Breezes are like
A gold mine
For the magnificence of what they contain
Of the power of the word
And the magic of the meanings
Eternal in the mind
And love is dealt with by dialectics
He believes in chaste love
In dealing
The emergence of a letter for its own sake
Here are lights from the difficult alphabets that stormed ْ
Eyes from where we do not know
His poems are full of morphology and prosody
and rhetoric and artistic images
and deep meanings
and different sentences